Upgrade iPhone X, Xr,11 To iPhone 12


iPhone 12 series have been launched for quite a while,and many people believe that getting them at this time is not the best idea. Talk is talk, holding a new iPhone in hands still feels nice.
For those feel the same way and the digital fanciers we made this step-by-step tutorial in which they’ll find how to upgrade the old versions of iPhone including iPhone X, XR and 11 to the latest iPhone 12.

Materials we need
1 Your iPhone you wish to be upgraded (only iPhone X, XR and 11)
2 The special back cover for upgrading
3 SIM card tray
4 battery adhesive
5 Tools kit

Tearing Down The Phone

  • Start with the screws on the charging port. Unbolt them and open the screen
  • Take down the cover bracket after removing the screws
  • Off the taptic engine

  • Heat it up
  • Let go off the battery
  • Take down the cover bracket to remove the rear cameras
  • Disconnect the flex cable port and the dismantle the motherboard carefully with a tweezer
  • Screw off the SIM card reader
  • Disconnect the volume bottom flex cable, the bottom speaker and the charging port flex cable
  • Heat up the wireless charging coil to slighytly melt the adhesive
  • Remove the coil slowly

Installation Part

  • Apply adhesive around the wireless charging coil
  • Tirm it on the corresponding place
  • Remove the volume button flex cable
  • Take down the sub-microphone onto this new shell
  • Connect the iPhone 11 WIFI flex cable and the charging port flex cable

  • Install the speaker, the SIM card tray and the power switch flex cable
  • Install and fix the cover bracket and its motherboad

  • Connect the flex cable, the rear camera and the cover bracket
  • Don’t forget the battery

  • Trim the screen adhesive
  • Bolt the screws on the charging port part
  • So far the screen installation is done. Turn on the phone, get into the settings, it says iPhone 11.
    Install SIM card and card slot, signal display on the top right of the screen turns out to be normal.
    Next we text its functions. WI-FI works well, Bluetooth and data network are good. Volume button
    and vibrating perform well. Front and rear cameras operate normally

  • Charging and wireless charging show no defaulty. The upgrading is done perfectly.

Please check the video below: