Don’t Update Your iPhone To iOS 14 Now


On Jun 22, 2020, Apple held the WWDC 2020 Global Developer Conference online. After the conference, Apple released the iOS 14 beta internal testing version, and provides an internal beta upgrade method. Many iPhone users had chosen to update their iPhone to iOS 14 since then. After updating, some users wanted to degrade their iPhone to iOS13.5.1, however, something went wrong during the process.

Can’t Downgrade To iOS13.5.1 After Upgrading To iOS 14?

We all knows that iOS 14 is just Beta testing version at present, hence there are many unknown bugs exist. Suppose you have updated your iPhone to iOS 14, chances are good that many functions cannot work normally. In that case, you have no choice but to downgrade it to iOS13.5.1. Nevertheless, many users have reported that the system updating process was stuck at 60% and could not go further. What is the hell going on?

The Solution

Since it happens to many users, so the faulty is not likely  by personal operation or his computer. It seems that there is something wrong with Apple network server, which has been out of order. Just image, so many users swarmed into the server which would surely surpass its capacity.

Therefore, the solution is very simple. That is, wait for some time and try to downgrade your iPhone again. Still, you need to be very careful when downgrading. Please don’t backup your data during the updating process, or it will report error. Worse still, your iPhone might be stuck on Apple logo and cannot boot up.

To sum up, back up your data before downgrading, then resort it after downgrading.

Don’t Update To iOS 14 Now

At present, most iPhones support iOS 14 system. However, only the iPhone 12 series can take advantage of iOS 14 fully well. So we advise that don’t update your iPhone to iOS 14 until you have gotten an iPhone 12.