How To Fix iPhone 8 Rear Camera Won’t Work

If you the rear camera of your iPhone 8 won’t work. No need to worry, we will show you how to fix such issue.

Generally speaking, there are several things you should do when such malfunction happens. First of all, you should force restart your iPhone 8, many issue can be solved by such a simple move. If that doesn’t work, you can try to replace a new rear camera. Provided the rear camera still refuses to work, then you can try to tear down the motherboard and fix it.

Force Restart iPhone 8

To force restart iPhone 8, just do the following:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button
  • Do the same with the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Side button until your device reboots, then release.

Please note: All three button presses should be done in relatively quick succession. After holding the Side button for about ten seconds, the iPhone will force restart.

If the rear camera still won’t work, you can try to replace a new rear camera.

Rear Camera Replace

To replace a new rear camera, we need tear down the old one first.

Unbolt the screws on phone bottom and take off SIM card tray. After heating up the screen, leave a gap with a LCD Opening Pliers. Next insert a Pry Bar to move along the screen. Then unbolt the screws on screen flex cable and take off the screen. At last, disconnect flex cables on rear camera, unbolt the screws, and take off the rear camera.

Install the new rear camera and the other parts.

If the rear camera still refuses to work, we have no choice but to check the motherboard.

Check motherboard

Unbolt the screws on motherboard and take off motherboard. We are going to check the motherboard.

First check its circuit diagram, and we need to test the voltage of main camera connector.

Connect to DC power supply and auto power on. Then open front camera and switch to rear camera. Lastly, test the voltage, if the value is abnormal; please move to the next step.

Check motherboard inode bitmap, main camera connector is J3900. Test its pins’ diode readings. At the same time, compare the values with the standard. If the diode readings are OK, we can conclude that the ICs who have abnormal voltage should be the real cause. It is U3700 on inode bitmap.

Repair motherboard

Fix motherboard on PCB holder, and heat up its cover at high temperature.

Next take off U3700 and get rid of the tin with a soldering iron.

After that, put a piece of BGA REBALL STENCIL under a microscope and BGA reball with a brush.

Then install new U3700, and tear off the tinfoil. Lastly, tear off the tinfoil, apply welding paste on motherboard and use soldering iron to get rid of extra tin. Repair finished!

If the operation has been done properly, the rear camera should work again.

Please check the whole fix process on this video:


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