iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing And Reviews In A Week

Apple released three iPhones in sep.11 2019. They are iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max. Today the iPhone 11 Pro Max has arrived. Is it worth the price? We compared it with previous iPhones and test its triple-camera performance.


Appearance Inspection:

First check its back. Different from iPhone XS smooth surface, 11 Pro Max has a matte back. Therefore it does not leave fingerprint. One more thing, the Logo has been placed in the middle.

However, its front has no change at all. You can hardly know it is iPhone 11 Pro Max but for checking its back. For one thing, the notch still exists. For another, the frame is the same with iPhone XS. Still, it is said that Face ID is more effective.


The Weight:


iPhone 11 Pro Max fells heavy. It outweighs almost 18g compared with iPhone XS MAX. It feels heavier when holding it long.


The Charging Connector:

The charging connector of iPhone 11 Pro and MAX has changed a lot. It finally applies 18W fast charging connector other than 5W. Accordingly, it is much bigger. Thought 18W fast charging connector is quite normal among other brand phones.


The Screen

The screen of Pro series is upgraded supper Retina XDR. Its contrast ratio hits up to 2000000:1. The brightness goes from 625 nits to 800 nits and up to as high as 1200 nits. As previous iPhones, its screen can display clearly in the sun. In addition, its power dissipation has been reduced by 15% or so,


A13 Chip


iPhone 11 series adopt A13 chip. It is now the best chip for phones and has powerful performance. We test iPhone Pro Max performance score with Antutu , and it runs a high score 45355. At the same time, test its running temperature. The result is 37.2°. It seems makesno improvement on heating issue.


The Signal

Since iPhone 11 series still apply Inter Baseband, the same with last generation iPhone. We compare it with a HUAWEI phone on some place where signal is bad. It turns out that the signal is worse than HUAWEI phone. This is a downside of iPhone 11 series.



The Cameras

It is the cameras that many people find the most disappointing. It looks incongruous compared with the previous iPhones. Nevertheless, the camera fits on the phone smoothly and feels comfortable. On the whole it looks nice.

The cameras have changes a lot. Firstly, the shooting button has been replaced on bottom other than top. It is more convenience that previous iPhones. You can shoot with one hand all along.

How do the cameras perform? We test it in Shenzhen Bay at night. iPhone 11 series have advanced technology in shooting. Whenever you shoot with rear camera, all the cameras work at the same time. As a Digital Single Lens Reflex, it has extremely fluency in dragging and zooming. The ultra-wide camera has a broader vision, and no more black bars. Its Night Mode is similar with HDR and functions in accordance with brightness. By comparison, iPhone 11 Pro Max does improve a lot in cameras.


Please watch the testing video for more information: