iPhone 12 Ear Speaker Fixed

We received an iPhone 12,it’s ear speaker has no reaction.This phone is still in its warranty,but it’s Sinapore version,so the warranty is unavailable in China.We shall make a test for safety.

We get into the dial mode.Hands-free mode is normal,the ear speaker is voiceless.Indeed, the ear speaker is dead.

Some people can’t tell the difference between ear speaker and speaker.One of our fans told us that his phone’s speaker wouldn’t work,however, instead of the speaker,it’s the ear phone that broke.

First heat the phone on a heating platform,insert the knife into the display for about 2mm and pry it out.

Unbolt the screws and take down the bracket.

Install a new ear speaker cable, test it.

Now we know this phone has never been taken down,we can judge that from this waterproof adhesive layer.

Adhesive can be devided into two types, the original and the aftermarket.The unrepaired one can be easily dealt with.Of course, we do undertake the phone that has been repaired before,but the rate of success is relatively low.

Remove the bracket,take down the display,the new ear speaker cable.Tear down the ear speaker of the cable.Don’t forget the original ear speaker cable.

Heat floodlight camera with a hair-driver.

Remove the old ear speaker,apply some flux paste and remove the old ear speaker,replace it with a new one.

Install the ear speaker cable,the screen.

Boot it up,we try to dial,ear speaker works.

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