iPhone 7 Plus Audio Common Disease – IC Trace/Bonding Pad Repair

This is an iPhone 7 Plus. Throughout the whole check, we found that MIC1 refuses to work. What’s more, when we dial number, say, 112, the hands-free icon would turn grey, and the play icon, too. To deal with it, we need to take down the phone as we always do.

Unbolt these 2 screws on the charging port. Disconnect its display cable, fingerprint cable and front camera cable, unbolt the screws on the motherboard. Don’t forget to disconnect the battery. Then we can do the same to charging port cable, rear camera cable and power cable.

Here we can take down the motherboard. Tear off this sticker, locate audio U3101, set the hoe air gun to 330℃, wind 30 and weld it off. Clean off the bonding pad with this soldering iron, scape out the pin circuits of C12/F12/H12/J12 on the bonding pad. Apply some tin as well as green oil and jump wire. Consolidate it with curing lamp.

BGA Audio U3101. Apply some BGA paste flux and trim U3101, set the hot air gun to 330℃, wind 30, blow U3101. Cool the motherboard down, install the motherboard and the display.

Power on. Check out the recorder, it works fine. All the rest functions perform well after our trial.