Samsung S20 Ultra No Shooting Caused By Screen Replacement Repair Case


This is a Samsung S20 Ultra. Ever since our client had its screen replaced, its camera module refused to work. Here we test the cameras.

Camera Error.

Get into factory mode, enter code *#0*#——MEGA CAM. Then we can test the rear cameras.

Rear1 HDR works.

Rear2 HDR works.

Rear3 HDR works.

Next step, FRONT CAM.

Flash back, it refuses to work, so the problem lies on the front camera.

Pry out its back cover after heating, camera stickers on. Unbolt the screws for fixing the logic board, disconnect the wireless charging cable, and the screws for fixing the display bracket. Remove the display bracket and the logic board bracket.

Disconnect the battery cable, display cable, speaker cable, power cable and the front cam cable. Remove the logic board. Take down the rear camera module. Observe the connectors on the logic board——obviously, it’s double-layered structure.

Pay extra attention to the connectors near the front cam, we have noticed couples of falling-out. Measure the diode reading of this missing pin with a multimeter, 493V at one side, 0V at the other. The value of this front cam pin also remains 0V.

Measure the diode reading of this missing pin.493V at one side, 658V at the other. Measure the diode reading of this missing pin. 493V at one side, 0V at the other. So far, we have found these three missing pins. Then we try to make them up. Apply some flux paste, heat it with a hot air gun:

330℃,30 wind. Weld them to their corresponding location.

Measure the pins of the front cam again. Back to 451V, normal. Apply some tin to the bonding pad with a soldering iron, and weld this resistor to where it belongs to. Then clean this area off with PCB cleaner.

Install the rear cameras module. Connect every cable, install the logic board and connect the front camera cable, the display cable, the charging cable, the speaker cable, and the power cable. Power on and wait.

Now test the camera, it’s normal.

Power off, install the fixing bracket and the screws. Take down the camera stickers, attach the wireless charging module.

Apply glue on the back cover. Back cover on, elastics on.


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