Samsung S9 Won’t Charge Fix – Moisture Detected Error

There are times for Samsung S9 cannot charge on account of moisture detected. To solve this issue is not an easy thing, especially when the faulty comes from motherboard. Here we share a Samsung S9 won’t charge fix on motherboard.

Find Out The True Cause

Motherboard fix is the last choice in terms of phone repair, since it is most complicated. Hence before we tear down the motherboard, we try to find out the cause in other ways.

To begin with, we try to use another charging cable to charge. Then we replace a new charging flex cable. However, both ways fail to fix the issue.

Take down motherboard and charging flex cable and connect them.

Plunge the USB cable to test, and it turns out there is standby current. We hereby conclude that the motherboard must have been faulty.

Test Motherboard

Fix motherboard on PCB holder, we begin to test the OVP IC. Measure the resistance values of the parts around OVP IC.

As a result, all values are abnormal. Obviously the OVP IC has been faulty.

Replace OVP IC

Since the OVP IC has been proved faulty, we need to replace it with a new one. To replace OVP IC, just do the following:

  • Apply solder flux on OVP IC and then heat it up at 400℃
  • Take off OVP IC

  • Clear away the tins for new OVP IC installation

  • Pick up a new OVP IC
  • Apply welding paste on the new OVP IC and BGA reball

  • Apply solder flux on motherboard and then heat it up at 400℃
  • Install the new OVP IC

Hereto the new OVP IC has been installed. Clear up the motherboard and then install it. We test again and no moisture detected error shows any more.

For the full fix process, please click the following video: