Xiaomi 6X Not Turning On Fix – Motherboard Large Current Repair

Xiaomi 6X is a mid-low end phone, hence it employs more economical materials and has low component density. As a result, its main IC has a higher probability of being damaged. However, every coin has two sides, its faulty fix is also much simpler than the high-end phones.

Here we fix a Xiaomi 6X not turning on faulty.

Check Out The Faulty

There are many causes for a phone not turning on issue. We need to test the phone to find out the true cause.

Take down the motherboard, adjust the voltage to 0.99V, and connect the phone to the regulated power supply. As a result, a large current happens. Therefore, it is the motherboard large current faulty. We need to fix it.

Please note:

  1. If the not turning on issue is by water damage, do not power on the phone, or there are more faulty following
  2. Here we will share the motherboard large current fix. If it is not caused by a large current, we could begin with the power sequencing voltage, check it, and find out the faulty.

Motherboard Large Current Analysis

Generally speaking, the motherboard large current faulty is likely to be caused by the power IC.

Connect to the regulated power supply flex. Then set the temperature of the hot air gun to 380℃, wind power 30 to heat up the power IC. Lastly, take down the power IC.

Clean off the bonding pad, and adjust the voltage to normal for power on. Then connect regulated power supply flex to test again, no more large current. Obviously, the power IC has been faulty, we need to replace it.

Power IC Replacement

Before replacing the power IC, there is one thing that needs attention. There are three Qualcomm PM660 versions: PM660-001, PM660-002, PM660-L. They have the same appearance, but the different inner structure, so misuse them will fail to fix the faulty. Xiaomi 6X employs the PM660-002, so we find a new PM660-002 power IC, then move to the next step.

Preheat the bonding pad, so that the power IC can be installed easily. Then place the new power IC in the right position, heat up, and install the IC.

So far the power IC has been replaced, we install the phone and power on the phone. As expected, the phone boots up normally, problem solved.

For the whole fix process, please check the video below: